Nepal 2013 - 336

My name is Rhys and this blog is about living life on my own terms.  After spending years in corporate America, I decided to take some time out for me.  I left my job, sold my stuff, rented out my home, and gave away my dog to be able to travel the world full time.  My first taste of solo travel came on an 11 day vacation to New Zealand in 2007.  On subsequent exotic vacations from Iceland to Tanzania to Nepal, my wanderlust grew and grew until I knew that vacations were no longer enough.  I needed to experience travel in a more visceral way, with all my senses.  It was time to stop waiting for “someday” to start this adventure.  Someday is now.

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  1. Joan Brackin September 23, 2016 / 5:42 pm

    Ryhs, love this message to people to not wait to do their “someday”. Please check out our global social movement at http://www.somedayisnow.me. We are an organization dedicated to helping people turn their “someday” into their Someday Is Now. We would love for you to write a blog for us! Contact us at letsgo@somedayisnow.me.

    Joan Brackin-Founder


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